Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspire Yourself

everyday people compare themselves to others, not realizing how great they truly are themselves. a woman will look at another woman in the gym, at the store or in the library and pick out everything on that woman that she wishes she had.

we give ourselves too little credit for how incredible we are as individuals. look at your hands, go ahead look at them. now i bet that woman at the gym, in the store or in the library has never experienced what your hands have experienced. i bet her hands have never fought the battles you have fought, comforted the same people you have comforted, or worked the work your hands have worked.

 it is great that we get inspiration from others to become better people. people can have such a magnificent effect on our lives. however our main inspiration should come from within ourselves. you have the advice and the strength that no one else can give you but yourself. gandhi's famous words did not say, "let other people be the change you wish to see in the world." it was you that needed to be the change.

so here it goes, the big question. have you inspired yourself today? i guess i should say that as a challenge rather than a question. each night before you go to bed, before you let your mind rest for the night. i want you to ask yourself, "have i inspired myself today?" pick one thing from the day that you did or that you learned that turned you into a better person, that  made you a bit smarter, or that made you a bit happier. you are your greatest inspiration.

-the health hub