Wednesday, September 19, 2012

have a listen.

this song makes me so happy! so i thought i would share it with you fine people.

Monday, September 17, 2012


when i first started this blog i had certain visions for it or how i wanted it to develop. as time changed so did my tastes and interests. i often look at what i post about and think, "is that what i originally had planned for this blog?" and more often than not it isn't, so i began to look closer. i began making small changes that better fit the content of this blog. i also talked with close friends whom i thank for helping me pull my ideas together. and now i am at the point of big changes. changes i am quite excited for and i hope you are as well. things are not 100% done and until they are this is about all i can tell you. times they are a changing. just wait and see. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

falling into fall.

waking up this morning and walking outside to see what the day would become got me super excited. crisp air, easy to breath and the tips of leaves slightly changing. yes my friends fall is sure coming. fall is my favorite time of year so to say i get excited is an understatement. my thoughts move indoors and my mind starts racing of all the projects i can complete. this is where my racing mind doesn't come in handy. i will walk into the fabric or craft store bursting with excitement wanting to complete every project known to man. my excitement ends up overwhelming me and by the end of the season i have all the supplies but hardly any projects completed. does that ever happen to any of you? well this year is going to be different.

 i have found a collection of project and organization books that are on my to-buy list. my plan is to pick a few favorites from some of the books and create my own notebook of projects i want to complete this fall season. a goal book if you will. i'm doing this in hopes that by having a written plan i will be able to finish the projects i have been eagerly wanting to dive into. here are a few books i'm wanting to crack open.

have you inspired yourself today?