Monday, October 31, 2011


hello loves, happy halloween! hope its a spooky one for all of you..

have you inspired yourself today..

Friday, October 28, 2011


things keep pressin' on over here in my little life. midterms are going on so there has been a lot of late night studying and green tea! i finally got around to painting my nails which i have been meaning to do for some time now. another thing on my to do list is to write chancy back. i promise i have good intentions of doing so, but before i know it another day draws to a close. i have a very fun craft project coming up the first of november and as soon as midterms are over. well here is a peek into my life as of lately.

syd barrett. there are not enough good things to say about this beautifully gifted man. (don't know who he is? such a shame, look him up and become inspired.) 
always at the library, or class, or campus, or professors office..make it end.
 found this beaut out thrifting for 5 dollars! what a gem.
 my car decided to have a heart attack, but after a day of fixing and a fortune later she was fixed!
 me and jessie stranded..
nothing a little tofu soup won't fix
and no car means lots more walking and lots more yard sales.

 what did you all do this week? is anyone else in midterms and deprived of sleep too?

have you inspired yourself today..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lovely lace..

ohhh how i love the look of lace! i picked up 13 yards of beau-tif-ul lace at the thrift store last week, and then i got to thinking how much i love lace. home decor, delicates, craft projects and more. lace is definitely the new black :)

i want this lacey delicate..
pretty fabulous curtain..
 so envious of her lace vest
 darling lace lights.
dream room..oh my.

blowing in the wind.
hauntingly beautiful.
 lacey wings.
 struggling lace.
simply pretty.

pssst...i have been listening to this song all day. im in love.

have you inspired yourself today..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Future

I am so excited for The Future, it looks like a real gem! Miranda July is genius. You may have seen her other movie, Me You and Everyone We Know. Anyways I cant wait till this comes out! Here is a sneak preview..


I went on the movie's website and found this fun future telling wheel. Is anyone else excited for this movie to come out?

have you inspired yourself today..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


helllooo friends!! sorry for my absence these last few days, busy life calls! i thought i would catch you up on what has been happening this last week...

we have had some pretty amazing thunderstorms the last few days down here in the south..
and of course with stormy weather comes the comfort of soup. (amy's organic minestrone with sesame crackers...nomnom!)
oh so prettyy fishnets..
i have been on the hunt lately for vintage pyrex..i would be a happy girl if i had any of these!
the farmer's market has the best apples right delicious!
lately i have been making vitamin water in hopes to dodge any sickness that may be floating around!

how have you all been?

have you inspired yourself today..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

office essentials..

my time is pretty much dedicated to two things in my life right now. college and work. aside from those two things i still like to make time for myself, family & friends, crafting, etc. so when i sit down to my desk to do some work i like to have everything i need right at my fingertips so that i can finish and move on to more exciting things..(say running, or thrifting!)

now i am sure i am not the only one who feels that way. so i put together a few of the much needed (not to mention adorable) desk essentials. the websites and links will be posted with them so that a few clicks away they can be yours too! enjoy!

1. these adorable elephant paperclips..
   2. fabulous tape dispenser  
3. erase big mistakes with these perfect mustache erasers
4. write to all your friends or jot down a quick note to yourself with this adorable nesting doll stationary set. (hurry only 5 left..)
5. when you pop off a button you wanna make sure you have a cute sewing kit handy.

6. i love this "crap" file folder. throw in lists, receipts and more!
create your little nook and let me know how it turned out!!

have you inspired yourself today..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

music sets me free..

i have been in the biggest music mood today. everything from led zeppelin to nina simone.. so i thought i would share a few of my all time favorites with you. these artists are both inspiring and talented!
thee amazinggg led zeppelin!
my girl janis..
the incredible johnny cash.
these boys hold a special spot in my heart!
the doors, oh soo talented.
any single one of their songs will get me through a hard day..
the stunning adele!
oh so poetic bob dylan..
of course the stones
angus and julia stone. (dear angus, please marry me..)
the fashionable elton john!
the black keys
yes yes i can not leave out these fabulous men!
fleetwood mac
melanie safka, alot of people dont know this lovely lady, look her up and change your life..
cant forget ozzy..
florence prettyy
always in the mood for these jams..
first aid kit. these gals are so talented..

i really better stop here or none of you will want to come back to my blog because my posts are toooo long haha. there is so much great music out there, and there are so many more influences that i didn't list. whats your favorite music? pictures found at

have you inspired yourself today..