Tuesday, December 27, 2011

new year, new you

2011 has been a pretty crazy year. i have learned so much and grown from so many experiences. i have met so many great people that have become good friends. it is funny when the new year comes around and you start to reminisce on the past year and think of all the things you have done and all the things you want to do this new year. do you all make new year resolutions? i usually do but forget or stop working on them the second week. there are a few i think i am going to make this year and try to stick with them. starting out the new year everyone should have a few essentials to help kick start the new year. here are a few of my favs.

(click image to enlarge)

1. sports bra
2. nike free running shoes
3. stress relief lotion
4. tea time planner
5.turquoise ring (there are a lot of turquoise ring sources this is just one)
6. urban outfitters dress

Sunday, December 18, 2011

get your fix with a mix.

hello lovelies, i have a pretty kick ass playlist for you all tonight. just a few tracks i have been catching myself listening to a lot lately. anyways kick up your feet and have a listen..you owe it to yourself. (ps for all you smarty-pants out there click on the song title and it will take you to the song..) 

1. mystic lady - t-rex
2. fool for the city - foghat
3. norgaard - the vaccines
4. my michelle - guns n roses
5. crimson and clover - tommy james & the shondells
6. shiny & warm - goldfrapp
7. i met up with the king - first aid kit
8. slip slidin' away - paul simon

have you inspired yourself today..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


oliver tate..the name just rolls off my tongue. confession, i am completely and utterly obsessed with this fictional character oliver tate as of late. i have watched the movie submarine a few times in the last few days and it all began. i am sharing with you today a music video performed by alex turner (lead singer of the artic monkeys, and also did the soundtrack of this incredible film). A few charming clips of this highly recommended film is a great afternoon pick me up.

(video source youtube, picture source pre edit weheartit.)

have you inspired yourself today..

Sunday, December 11, 2011


black shades
 chalkboard wall, such a cute idea.
 black coffee..mmmm.
 pretty black decor.
 cute diy handstitch art.
black sabbath
a black blazer for perfection.
 a black heart..
 i want i want i want i want.

images found here

have you inspired yourself today..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

a message from sir paul mccartney

morning to all. hope everyone is having a wonderful morning! a quick cup of coffee and a few tunes before work and i am feeling good. i wanted to share with you a very dramatic and haunting video. peta can be a bit extreme, but without a sense of extreme people may not listen. anyways this video is sir paul mccartney talking about the truth of where our food comes from. it has been so long since i have had meat, it never crosses my mind and i feel so much better. it's not just the animals that are slaughtered that makes a sad story, it is the whole idea of animal cruelty. see puppy mills and experiments. it is sad to know the amount of people that don't know what is going on. im not trying to change minds or ideas. just showing some facts. (please note the video is graphic)

have you inspired yourself today...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i'll tap my foot to these jams..

is it cold enough for everyone? my brother sent me news from logan..1 degree. it's painful just to think of that. to ease your pain of iced fingers and toes. i advise you to go grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some jams. today's pick is "hot line" by black sabbath from their 1983 album born again. although ozzy is not in this album (ozzy holds a special spot in my heart) it features ian gillan whom you will all know as the lead singer of deep purple. anyways its a kick ass album so enjoy.. (its okay head banging is allowed..)

have you inspired yourself today..

Friday, December 2, 2011

snaps & shots

it's a rainy blustery day here today. today is the day i am finally putting up my christmas decor! i couldnt be more excited. i may be a day or two late but non the less it's going down. here is a few pictures of some things i have enjoyed recently..

starbucks christmas blend is the best blend. so bold.
 of course i was home watching the victoria secret fashion show.
 running bleachers is a kick ass workout. you are sore for days afterwards. (if you push yourself)
 as of late i have been in love with these drinks that are full of so many benefits. (there are different kinds with different vitamins)
 i missed the whole thanksgiving day post train...whoops. it was so fun and cozy. i enjoyed my tofurky almost as much as i enjoyed the sweet potatoes. so yummmy.
chai tea and falling leaves make a morning so blissful.
 i pulled my game boy out of my storage, and i haven't been off it since.
 i was so pleased to see my local target supporting pink floyd. classic shirts and cds. unfortunately no vinyl but i did get the division bell shirt. im smitten.

have you inspired yourself today..

Thursday, December 1, 2011


happy december ladies and gents. i hope everyone is with their friends and families and loved ones. december is a time of love and laughter. i have some great posts and crafts lined up this month. im also hoping i get some "tuesday treasures" holiday addition in as well.

did everyone survive that nasty wind storm up north? i heard it was a beast. bless all your hearts.

have you inspired yourself today.. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

push your limits.

 good morning friends its been a while eh? i don't have much to blog about today because i am pretty behind on so many things..(laundry, homework, cleaning, putting up my tree) but i thought i would stop in to say hello and give a bit of inspiration to all. make it a good one, and do something good for the world today..

motivate the mind..
motivate the body..
motivate the soul..

everything else will work itself out...
and now for your entertainment..(any fun..coconut records)

have you inspired yourself today..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

rock on style

i am obsessed with the whole hard rock grunge yet chic look. some of my favorite style icons are...the fabulous kate moss, the amazing erin wasson, the stunning janis joplin, and the beautiful charlotte kemp muhl all four of them have flawless style. i took a few of my favorite pictures of things and made a rock fashion inspiration board. (if you have never made an inspiration board i highly recommend making one. you can make one to almost anything, decor for your home, getting in shape, your date night outfit.) anywhooo here is my inspiration board for everything you need to have a rocker chic outfit.

1. your favorite band or vintage tee. 2. biker or combat boots are a cute way to take an ordinary outfit to the next level. 3. as soon as you put on john lennon glasses you feel that much more stylish.
4. loose tousled hair gives you that sexy dont even try to be pretty look. 5. of course the "i dont give a shit about anything" look. 6. a good leather jacket. leather jackets can be found almost everywhere including here and here. 7. and of course a hot boy to latch onto. (ohh how i am smitten by the old 80's w. axl rose.)

and of course a few more of my favs..

sources here

have you inspired yourself today..

Thursday, November 10, 2011


pretty bold hair. im pretty jealous.
 sweetest kitchen..im on the hunt for one of those mug holders.
 buy me this dress and you will forever hold my heart..
 sooo many coffee mugs..so little tea cups:(
cute color owls.

 such a sweet movie.
 if this was my front door, i'd die happy. be still my heart.
 diy pillows. i need to make some of these.
mirror fun..

source: weheartit
have you inspired yourself today..

Sunday, November 6, 2011


hello all! i hope everyone has been doing fabulous. here is what i have been up to that last couple of days.

1. trying to keep up with math 2. christmas cups 3. supplies
4. new hurr 5. easy listening
6. daylight savings

and now please enjoy a little neil young..he is good for your heart.

have you inspired yourself today..

Monday, October 31, 2011


hello loves, happy halloween! hope its a spooky one for all of you..

have you inspired yourself today..

Friday, October 28, 2011


things keep pressin' on over here in my little life. midterms are going on so there has been a lot of late night studying and green tea! i finally got around to painting my nails which i have been meaning to do for some time now. another thing on my to do list is to write chancy back. i promise i have good intentions of doing so, but before i know it another day draws to a close. i have a very fun craft project coming up the first of november and as soon as midterms are over. well here is a peek into my life as of lately.

syd barrett. there are not enough good things to say about this beautifully gifted man. (don't know who he is? such a shame, look him up and become inspired.) 
always at the library, or class, or campus, or professors office..make it end.
 found this beaut out thrifting for 5 dollars! what a gem.
 my car decided to have a heart attack, but after a day of fixing and a fortune later she was fixed!
 me and jessie stranded..
nothing a little tofu soup won't fix
and no car means lots more walking and lots more yard sales.

 what did you all do this week? is anyone else in midterms and deprived of sleep too?

have you inspired yourself today..