Wednesday, November 16, 2011

rock on style

i am obsessed with the whole hard rock grunge yet chic look. some of my favorite style icons are...the fabulous kate moss, the amazing erin wasson, the stunning janis joplin, and the beautiful charlotte kemp muhl all four of them have flawless style. i took a few of my favorite pictures of things and made a rock fashion inspiration board. (if you have never made an inspiration board i highly recommend making one. you can make one to almost anything, decor for your home, getting in shape, your date night outfit.) anywhooo here is my inspiration board for everything you need to have a rocker chic outfit.

1. your favorite band or vintage tee. 2. biker or combat boots are a cute way to take an ordinary outfit to the next level. 3. as soon as you put on john lennon glasses you feel that much more stylish.
4. loose tousled hair gives you that sexy dont even try to be pretty look. 5. of course the "i dont give a shit about anything" look. 6. a good leather jacket. leather jackets can be found almost everywhere including here and here. 7. and of course a hot boy to latch onto. (ohh how i am smitten by the old 80's w. axl rose.)

and of course a few more of my favs..

sources here

have you inspired yourself today..

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