Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sippin' my java

i have to give a final speech in my public speaking class on any topic that i am passionate about. so before i began to work on it i wrote down a list all of the things that i cared for and meant a lot to me. i had quite a few things on my list but i was being drawn to one specific thing i love so dearly..COFFEE!

now coffee has been down both sides of the spectrum of bad reps and good reps. luckily for me (i am an avid coffee drinker) the good out does the bad, but for some people coffee has and will always have a bad rep. sad day. so why is coffee such a nectar from the gods to me? well for starters...

coffee was a winner in jonny bowden's "the 150 healthiest foods on earth" (a recommended read to all). in the book jonny gushes over how coffee is full of antioxidants and health benefits. what are some of them?? coffee contains antioxidants called chlorogenic acid which helps slow down the release of glucose and caffeic acid which has anti-inflammatory activity.

in addition to the antioxidants coffee can ward off diabetes, lower cholesterol and have anti-cancer properties. true story. what a winner. (side note: exposing your coffee to cups of sugar and artificial sweeteners isn't the best way to keep your java healthy...stick to a natural sweetener such as stevia or honey)

having a cup of coffee after or before a workout will increase your energy. add in some non-fat milk and cinnamon and you have yourself a little pre or post workout fat burning drink. in addition to having perks and health benefits, did i mention that coffee is just so damn delicious?

always enjoy a coffee break.
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have you inspired yourself today..

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