Thursday, December 8, 2011

a message from sir paul mccartney

morning to all. hope everyone is having a wonderful morning! a quick cup of coffee and a few tunes before work and i am feeling good. i wanted to share with you a very dramatic and haunting video. peta can be a bit extreme, but without a sense of extreme people may not listen. anyways this video is sir paul mccartney talking about the truth of where our food comes from. it has been so long since i have had meat, it never crosses my mind and i feel so much better. it's not just the animals that are slaughtered that makes a sad story, it is the whole idea of animal cruelty. see puppy mills and experiments. it is sad to know the amount of people that don't know what is going on. im not trying to change minds or ideas. just showing some facts. (please note the video is graphic)

have you inspired yourself today...

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