Friday, December 2, 2011

snaps & shots

it's a rainy blustery day here today. today is the day i am finally putting up my christmas decor! i couldnt be more excited. i may be a day or two late but non the less it's going down. here is a few pictures of some things i have enjoyed recently..

starbucks christmas blend is the best blend. so bold.
 of course i was home watching the victoria secret fashion show.
 running bleachers is a kick ass workout. you are sore for days afterwards. (if you push yourself)
 as of late i have been in love with these drinks that are full of so many benefits. (there are different kinds with different vitamins)
 i missed the whole thanksgiving day post train...whoops. it was so fun and cozy. i enjoyed my tofurky almost as much as i enjoyed the sweet potatoes. so yummmy.
chai tea and falling leaves make a morning so blissful.
 i pulled my game boy out of my storage, and i haven't been off it since.
 i was so pleased to see my local target supporting pink floyd. classic shirts and cds. unfortunately no vinyl but i did get the division bell shirt. im smitten.

have you inspired yourself today..

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