Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pinching my pennies. again.

when i set a goal, or think up a plan, the "it's okay to rest" button doesn't go off in me until i have completed my goal. i like to make small term goals often so i always have an excuse to celebrate. finish a race get a new pair of shoes kind of thing. i like to make long term, harder to achieve goals as well because when i do achieve them i start to feel pretty good about life.

i think it's important for people to make and achieve goals so that they can feel the need to strive for something more than just everyday life. too often people get in a rut and seem to think that they are "supposed" to go through life with a mediocre attitude. so set goals and set them often. you will be surprised how much happier you'll start to feel.

my goal i have been working towards as of late is saving up for a new car. i find my beloved jeep is on the last few miles. i have a few wheels that have made my heart skip enough that saving will be a pretty desirable goal. do any of you have goals you are working on?

have you inspired yourself today?

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