Monday, December 3, 2012

making a list.

i don't know about all of you but i am so ready for the new year! i have learned a lot in 2012 but i have a feeling there will be bigger and better things to come in 2013. do you all make new year resolutions? i always do for the fun of it, but of course like everyone else i tend to forget or dismiss them come the second week of january. that doesn't mean i don't set goals. quite the opposite actually. i  am such a list and "write it down" kind of girl. each year on my birthday (which happens to be in january, so it works out good) i set however many goals for the age i am turning. i did this last year and to my surprise i still have the crinkled paper in my wallet with all my goals! i love the feeling when i look at it that i have crossed off the majority of my list. i have little goals such as read a new book or expand my music selections, to bigger ones such as run the st. george marathon (which i did this past fall). i think it is important to set goals so that you can better yourself with each new day. i am still trying to come up with all my goals for the new year but luckily i have some time. 

sorry things have been quiet over here in my part of the internet world. life is busy, school is hard, and work is tiring. when i opened up my browser tonight and saw my little blog on the bookmark bar i thought i would stop in and say hello. hope all is well with you fine people and remember to keep on keepin' on. until next time...

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