Thursday, December 6, 2012


everyone has a release, something they do to take themselves out of the present moment and just become free. you have one. that thing that keeps you sane when you are surrounded by insanity. or maybe it's something to allow yourself to go a little insane when your surrounded by too much sanity. either way it's comforting to know you can escape. 

that is why i love to write. i love to create stories and characters that are so complex even i question their actions. i love knowing that i can create anything and no one can tell me it's wrong, or doesn't make sense. i'm not usually one to share my characters or stories i come up with, for reasons i'm not even really sure of. but i was looking through my old writing journals and notes and thought i would share an old piece i wrote a few years ago. it's good to remember the things you love, it's good to never forget your "escape". for you never know when that "escape" of yours just might save you. happy thursday!

Distant Walker

Walking down the hallway
Walking through the crowd
I hear the people whisper
God their talking loud

I tense up my bony fingers
Squeal away the fear
How dare they try to hurt me
How they sit there with their sneers

Who do they think they are
Trying to get inside my head
Fuck their little games
My blood it still bleeds red.

I flick my flame inhale my smoke
A calmness comes over me
The chatter of the people die
My pain is finally free

But only for a moment
Before they strike again
Their comments getting louder
Their threats they soon begin

All because I’m different
Because I don’t dress the same
Could it be my slightly crooked nose?
Because you think my jams are lame

Whatever the reason for the hate
For the gossip and my fear
I’ll stop my beat and close my eyes
Not showing up next year.

What’s the moral of this story?
The lesson to be learned
To stop the beating bully
To have cruelty be burned.

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