Thursday, September 22, 2011

run with me..

there always is the lingering question that gets asked all the time. "is it healthier to run on the treadmill or to run outside?" in my opinion if your running your getting benefits, but to clear up some of the haze on the question here are a few tips and tricks to both...

---when the weather is glum and running outside requires snow shoes then you are probably better off running on the treadmill.

 ---when running on the treadmill you lack wind resistance, (which burns more calories) so it is a good idea to put your hill climber on a setting higher than 2.0. 3.5 is a good start and you can adjust from there.

---your on the treadmill not the red carpet so wearing your hair down strutting your stuff isn't going to get you that halle berry booty! (sorry girls, you gotta push yourself)

---running outside you have uneven and unstable ground so your muscles are working harder adjusting to different movements every step. when running on the treadmill run on a interval setting where you do hills, flat roads and sprints. you will get even more fat burning benefits!

---if you have a bad back or weak knees the treadmill offers a slightly less impact.

---always remember to maintain proper running form whenever you run. up straight and relaxed, lean your body forward slightly, shoulders back and chest up (perk up those ta-tas), and try to have a slight bend in the knees. proper running form is crucial!

however you do it or wherever you do it running is a great stress fighting fat blasting exercise! running burns approximately 105 calories per mile for women and 124 calories for men. (link below) so if your run simply 3 miles for 4-5 days a week you are well on your way to dream body land!

my sources can be found here and here

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  1. your blog is so friggin cute and it's inspiring me to be healthy so i can someday look like you. haha love you girl!

  2. Aw Kandis thanks you are so sweet! I will post more nutrition and fitness and inspiring posts!!:) you would be the sweetest ever if you know people who blog and had them follow me! Love and miss you!