Friday, September 30, 2011

halloween fun

i am really excited to share with you my latest project. halloween is my favorite time of year, the spooky feeling in the air, the crisp leaves, and the excitement of family and friends gathering. it is a magical time. i made a darling halloween wreath that is made out of candy corn and styrofoam.

 1. gather all your supplies and heat up your glue gun
 2. begin to glue candy corn around your wreath. it can be a little intimidating when you put your first candy one because if your like me you want it to be purrty perfect!
3. i alternated each way i placed my candy to make a zig-zag affect. once i got the hang of my groove i zoned out and was more of a wreath making zombie! (good thing i had good albums to listen to!)
4. almost done!!


i am really happy at how cute it turned out. this project also gave me a kick start to decorate my house for halloween! if you decide to make your own halloween wreath post pictures let me see your creation. different candies would be cute. (halloween lollipops, pumpkin candy corn)

have you inspired yourself today..

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