Friday, January 6, 2012

a few things i'm smitten by..

here are a few things i am really enjoying as of late..

one. (google images) ink. i am looking for a good artist...recommendations?
two. lush cosmetics. organic. vegan. green. amazing. just a few words that describe lush. i am pleased to announce they are opening one in salt lake city. this beaut here is the phoenix rising. drop in your bath and relax. (it turns your water colors too!)
three. extract of: macaroon. sexy little fragrance. i bought mine at antrhopologie, but you can purchase it online as well.
four. (weheartit) books. books. more books. winter break has been lovely for catching up on reading.
five. (google images) discovering new jams.
six. (google images)  thrifting. so many gems out there. get comfy and start sifting.
seven. (weheartit) sleeping in..

have you inspired yourself today..

1 comment:

  1. as for Ink, I reccommend Big Deluxe in salt lake city. expensive but REALLY good artists:)