Sunday, January 15, 2012

whats in my bag..

my bag always has fun gems in it. i can never leave the house without my bag weighing 10lbs or more. here is what has been thrown in today..

one -- the current issue of rolling stone magazine.
two -- a pack of stride gum. (you will never find me without a pack of gum)
three -- packs of stevia for my coffee. (artificial sweeteners are no fun)
five. ipod, because of course you always need your jams..
six. macaroon scent. i mentioned this here
seven. a toothbrush 
eight.  my little black bag full of secrets..
nine.  thrift store receipts..because i'd rather be thrifting..
ten. lipsticks and pens..
eleven. bills..(and that's all i have to say about that.)
twelve. ray-ban sun glasses
thirteen. pomegranate green tea and a hair clip
fourteen. urban outfitters wallet
fifteen. a camera. (because who know what you will see during the day)

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