Thursday, January 5, 2012

girl crushin'

im not even going to deny how much of a girl crush i have on mila kunis. im sure no guy (or girl for that matter) will disagree with me when i say she is amazing. i am pleased to pass on the good news that mila is the newest campaign face of dior, along some amazing women (think natalie portman & charlize theron). here are some fab pictures of her latest campaign with dior and of course a clip from nylon magazine. i should also apologize for the clip it is a year old, but none the less it's still great.

(source nylonmag)

have you inspired yourself today..


  1. oh she is amazing! and i love nylon mag! but i cant find them anymore:(

  2. jackie --

    i always have luck seeing nylon magazine at barnes and noble. it is a lot cheaper to order online though and well worth it. :]