Sunday, October 2, 2011


i have had a very busy week this week! halloween time is here and i couldn't be more excited! on my next slow kind of day (if i ever get one) i am going to decorate for halloween. i also have a few more craft projects in mind i would like to share with you guys. i hope you all had a great week, wherever you may be! here are a few things i did...

i have been having great luck in the thrift stores. a vintage view finder! (who wouldn't feel lucky)

it was national coffee day on thursday so of course i drank nothing but coffee all day long..
 saturday night i went bowling with some friends!
and came home to watch one of my all time favorite movies, little miss sunshine. such an inspiring show! i recommend it!

what did you all do this week!?

have you inspired yourself today..


  1. I cant get enough of your blog lady! love it!

  2. Why did I not know you had a blog! This is adorable!!! Love it Kels!!! Following!!!

  3. haha thanks you guys!! @Taylor i just started it, so glad your following it! :)