Thursday, October 6, 2011

office essentials..

my time is pretty much dedicated to two things in my life right now. college and work. aside from those two things i still like to make time for myself, family & friends, crafting, etc. so when i sit down to my desk to do some work i like to have everything i need right at my fingertips so that i can finish and move on to more exciting things..(say running, or thrifting!)

now i am sure i am not the only one who feels that way. so i put together a few of the much needed (not to mention adorable) desk essentials. the websites and links will be posted with them so that a few clicks away they can be yours too! enjoy!

1. these adorable elephant paperclips..
   2. fabulous tape dispenser  
3. erase big mistakes with these perfect mustache erasers
4. write to all your friends or jot down a quick note to yourself with this adorable nesting doll stationary set. (hurry only 5 left..)
5. when you pop off a button you wanna make sure you have a cute sewing kit handy.

6. i love this "crap" file folder. throw in lists, receipts and more!
create your little nook and let me know how it turned out!!

have you inspired yourself today..

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