Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quinoa Salad

last night i made one of my favorite foods, quinoa. a lot of people don't know what quinoa is or how to prepare it so they make sure they steer clear of the seed. many people think that quinoa is a grain but it is actually a relative of the leafy green family. (think spinach and swiss chard.) but before i get into why it is a super food let me explain how to say it..

no it is not pronounced, "queen-noah, kee-ena or kwa-no-a. the correct way to say it is keen-wah. (although i wish it was pronounced queen-noah, it has a bit more edge). so now that we know how to pronounce it let me briefly explain why it is a super food..

quinoa is an amino acid and is a complete protein meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. making it a go-to choice for vegans and vegetarians. quinoa is a good source of magnesium so it is a good food for people who suffer from headaches and migraines. it is also high in dietary fiberriboflavin and iron.

now lets cook..i made black bean quinoa salad and it was delicious. i like to make a big batch then use it in wraps, salads and stir-frys during the week.

 cook your quinoa according to package. usually it is boil 1 cup water for every 1/2 cup quinoa. then add quinoa and cook for 12 minutes or until water is absorbed. remove from heat and let sit another minute or so, then fluff with fork.
 dice up onions and garlic. (i used red onion because it has more of a mild taste)
 open a can of beans and rinse them with water. (canned vegetables and legumes are healthy but have quite a bit of salt added to them. here is a tip rinse them and add your own salt. you will be cutting back a lot of sodium)
 ...add in a can of corn or peas. (i prefer corn but i didn't have it in the house so i mixed in a can of peas)
 heat a skillet with a smidge of olive oil and saute your onions.
 add all ingredients into a low heated pan and fold them together. (be careful not to vigorously mix the ingredients you don't want to puncture the beans or peas.)
and wa-la you are all finished. you can gobble it up or put it into a glass container and keep it refrigerated for up to a week.

if you make this dish or try quinoa for the first time let me know what you thought of it! my sources can be found here.

have you inspired yourself today..

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  1. mmmmm...I love this stuff. My grandma introduced it to me:p