Tuesday, October 4, 2011

music sets me free..

i have been in the biggest music mood today. everything from led zeppelin to nina simone.. so i thought i would share a few of my all time favorites with you. these artists are both inspiring and talented!
thee amazinggg led zeppelin!
my girl janis..
the incredible johnny cash.
these boys hold a special spot in my heart!
the doors, oh soo talented.
any single one of their songs will get me through a hard day..
the stunning adele!
oh so poetic bob dylan..
of course the stones
angus and julia stone. (dear angus, please marry me..)
the fashionable elton john!
the black keys
yes yes i can not leave out these fabulous men!
fleetwood mac
melanie safka, alot of people dont know this lovely lady, look her up and change your life..
cant forget ozzy..
florence welch..so prettyy
always in the mood for these jams..
first aid kit. these gals are so talented..

i really better stop here or none of you will want to come back to my blog because my posts are toooo long haha. there is so much great music out there, and there are so many more influences that i didn't list. whats your favorite music? pictures found at www.weheartit.com

have you inspired yourself today..

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